Do you know how your employees are feeling?

Your workforce is changing. A lot has been written about Millennials and how they engage differently with society than generations before them. As Millennials make up increasing proportions of your workforce, are you ready to engage with them in the ways that they expect?

Generation X (b. 1964–1978) are motivated by immediate rewards, work-life balance and manager feedback, and at least half are likely to stay in jobs for 5 years. Gen Y (b. 1979–1991) and Gen Z / Millennials (b. 1991–2008) on the other hand are more likely to be motivated by making a difference and doing meaningful work, and 90% do not plan to stay more than 5 years in one organisation, 37% do not plan to stay longer than 2 years. Given the cost of recruiting talent, it is now more essential than ever that organisations better connect with their employees to understand the drivers that motivate them, and understand how they feel about their roles and the organisation, so that you can retain your most valuable talent.

So what does employee engagement mean in this context? Firstly, Millennials expect two way conversations with the senior managers in their organisation, and in real time. However, many organisations deliver one way, broadcast communications to their employees - weekly or monthly emails from senior management, all hands meetings where the boss stands up and delivers an update by PowerPoint, or internal news published on an intranet that employees can only access from their desktop and when they are in the office.

When it comes to listening to their employees many organisations rely on an annual or quarterly surveys, with the same set of questions delivered across the whole organisation. The problem with these surveys is that they capture the feedback and sentiment of employees at only a handful of points throughout the year, and employees are most likely to reflect how they feel right now rather than how they have felt during the preceding months. This means organisations are missing out on the chance to understand the impact of day to day, week by week events across the organisation.

That is why we developed Voices, an employee sentiment and feedback app that allows organisations to get a continuum of feedback from their teams, and take immediate actions to issues that are brewing up across the org. Voices allows organisations to create a positive cycle of feedback and action within the organisation. For employees, and especially groups like Millennials, the chance to be heard on a regular basis and see more immediate actions being taken, creates a closer connection between them and the organisation, and will have a positive impact on motivation and retention.

Voices is a mobile application that employees can use from their work or personal smartphone, to provide weekly feedback in less than a minute. Employees can give feedback when and where it suits them, and push notifications give them a nudge to remind to submit feedback each week. And within a day we can set up the Voices app and distribute it to your employees, with no dependencies on your internal IT teams.

So get your free trial of Voices now, and find out how your employees are feeling today!


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