Make communication easy

Being able to find and contact colleagues quickly can make all the difference. Having to search for contact details on internal systems to then copy numbers onto a smart phone is obsolete and inefficient. Our Colleagues application provides the platform to connect you and all of your colleagues.


Separate to your personal phonebook, Colleagues keeps all your colleagues contact details in one place. Easily reachable, and always up to date from your company's records.

  • Easily reachable; you can call, email, SMS & iMessage your colleagues in an instant.
  • Search and filter by role, name or other criteria to find the colleague you need right away.
  • Create custom groups to email multiple colleagues at once, and favourite frequent contacts.

Customise and Integrate

Make your employees contact details more interesting and useful by adding additional information such as their Staff ID, Department or their Favourite Lunch. We can assess how to best integrate with your business, to keep colleagues information in sync, and always up to date.