Frequently Asked Questions

End users of the mobile apps

Will my Voices feedback really be anonymous?

Yes. Your company administrator of the Voices application (usually a HR manager) has access to your company's feedback dashboard. The dashboard displays the feedback ratings and comments from all contributors of your company. There is no personally identifiable information provided alongside the ratings and comments (unless your comment contains such information). The administrator can filter the company wide data down by categories  (e.g. your location or department) but they cannot see individual data points.

What are the categories used for on Voices?

The categories (e.g. your office location or department) are specified by the administrator of your company when we set up Voices. This allows your company's Voices administrator to filter the feedback ratings and comments by the categories so they can see if there is feedback relevant to a specific area. If you think something is wrong or missing with the categories, please speak to your line manager or HR representative.

I've already submitted my Voices feedback this week. Why am I 'locked out' from giving feedback again?

We've designed Voices to be a sentiment application, giving your company a pulse check of the sentiment across your organisation on a weekly basis. Voices is designed to capture a range of feedback from across your organisation and show how this sentiment changes over time. To avoid bias we only allow individuals to give feedback once per week. If your sentiment changes during the week, don't worry you can give feedback when the next week's period opens up again (usually Monday). 

Enterprise customers

On what operating systems are your apps available?

Our applications are designed for smartphones but can also be used on tablets. We support the Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us by email by phone.