Take your company's temperature

Annual staff surveys identify last year’s problems too late to resolve or improve. Voices enables your business to gather genuine unbiased feedback from your employees, providing you with the success data you need to make impactful change, and improving your employees’ happiness for the better.


The permission to feedback and vent makes employees happier and more empowered. Our playful and engaging user interface ensures its easy for employees to submit their feedback.


  • Choose whether to collate your employees’ feedback and sentiment each week, or month.

  • Notifications will automatically remind your employees to submit their feedback.

  • Feedback takes an anonymous rating from 1 to 10 and free-form comments.


Optionally ask your employees for additional data so that you can filter down feedback to groups of related individuals and identify problem areas early.


  • Create up to four customisable filter categories using our simplified admin portal.


  • Choose as many options in each category as you need to suit your business needs.


Our management dashboard gives you instant, actionable insight and effortless configuration.